Thursday, July 7, 2011

The House will Come to Order

Welcome to the first posting of my first attempt at a blog. I hesitate to call it strictly a food blog, though the culinary arts will certainly be the driving content. It is my hope to mix my two great passions into one self-indulgent literary exercise -- politics and food. Before I came to Washington I toyed with the idea of going to culinary school. Ultimately I was drawn to the magnetic and seductive power source that is the U.S Capitol to embark on my political future.

If Washington, DC is two different places, Washington, and the District of Columbia, then my experience in this coexisting town has been as follows: Washington is for politics, the District of Columbia is a rising star in the culinary culture in the United States. In full disclosure, I may be particularly aware of this because my close friend grew up here, and my roommate is a professional food and culture writer here in DC.

It's my hope therefore, to post about not only my cooking and kitchen adventures, but a little bit about my thoughts on the happenings in Washington.